Charcoal Burning Demonstration

Thursday 9th July at 10am.  Meet at the railway underpass off of Hazelmere Road, Petts Wood.  A short walk in to the woods for a practical demonstration of charcoal production, returning to the underpass at around 11.30am.

The main stage of the charcoal burn

The main stage of the charcoal burn

Bags of barbecue charcoal will be available to purchase on the day for £5.

Free, but donations welcome.  For more information please contact the estate office on 01689 826393.

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3 Responses to Charcoal Burning Demonstration

  1. Richard Spenser says:

    I returned from working abroad recently to find the two fields between the kyd brook and the railway lines by the Goshill road entrance to the Hawkwood estate have been fenced off. Can you explain why this has been done please?

    • Sam Pettman says:

      Hello Richard. The farmer at Hawkwood has fenced these fields in – the eastern-most field in the last few months, but the western field has been fenced for some years now. I gather that, in addition to his usual annual hay cut he will be grazing them, hence the fence. Thanks, Sam

  2. Richard Spenser says:

    A shame however if they’re leased or owned by him then its entirely his business. Thank you for the reply.

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