Trip Hazard Removed

In another exciting development in the world of estate management the trip hazards which had previously plagued generations of walkers on the Hawkwood Estate have been removed.

The metal tabs in the ground were the remains of an old iron fence which formed the Southern boundary of the Hawkwood Estate before it came into Trust ownership. Some suggested the metal fence was removed by Colonel Edlmann as part of the war effort, although this rampant speculation could be completely incorrect.

Although the spiky remains of the fence were originally cut at ground level walkers disinclined to dirty their footwear have expanded the path, wearing down the ground around the remains of the fence and exposing the supports previously buried.

Cutting the ironwork below ground proved ineffective so a more subtle course of action was decided upon: digging a hole then whacking the struts with sledge hammers until they broke off. New volunteer Clive should be both welcomed to the Tuesday team and accredited for this suggestion.

With flagging enthusiasm and wet ink in the accident book a good morning’s work was completed, winning the plaudits of passers-by. A more relaxing afternoon of splitting knotty wood into logs was savored by all.


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