New Signs and Leaflet

After much planning and work, our new information panels and vistor leaflet are here.  We have two new panels, replacing the existing four.  One is located in Petts Wood at the railway underpass, the other at Hawkwood on Botany Bay Lane.  We have a newly designed map as an integral part of both the panels and leaflet.  It contains more detail than the old map, so should be more useful both to those familiar with the woods and new visitors.  We also have space to advertise events/walks.

Hawkwood sign1

Both signs have leaflet dispensers attached.  We’ve intentionally trimmed the amount of information on the panels and upped the amount of detail in the leaflet – the intention being that visitors can get their bearings using the panel and map, see a quick introduction, then learn more using the leaflet whilst moving around the estate. 

Petts Wood sign1

To that end, the map has two self guided trails built in, a yellow route around the farm and a green route around the woods.  Together they cover just over four miles, but can be tackled separately.  To aid those using these routes we are also installing a small number of posts with colour coded way markers – at the time of writing we have a few more of these posts (pictured below) left to install.

Way marker post

As part of the project we also have an additional leaflet dispenser located on the bridle path outside Keepers Cottage yard, which has replaced the old notice board we used to keep there.

Lastly, you’ll notice the lovely oak posts holding the new panels up – these are the posts shown being processed and prepared in previous blogs.  You may know we like to use as much of our own wood as possible, making our own firewood, charcoal, gate posts etc.  It has been especially satisfying to select and use our own Petts Wood oak for this project though.  Bye for now.

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