Timber Processing – New Signs

The oak shown in the photo below is a product of some of our recent work, specifically some more path widening and thinning in the Willett Wood.  Most of the smaller trees that we felled are destined for use as firewood or in charcoal production.  However, we held back a couple of the bigger and straighter stems for processing in to posts and boards, to be used for a special project.


For the last few months we’ve been working on a new map of the estate, visitor leaflet and new information panels for selected entrances.  These are due very soon and we decided that Petts Wood oak posts to hold up the panels would be great. 

We do carry out some basic milling of timber ourselves, using our Alaskan chainsaw mill (see an earlier post).  This works quite well for producing rough cut boards or posts.  For this project however we decided to have the oak processed at a timber mill, in order to achieve a better quality product for the new panels.  Richard took the timber to the mill this week and the picture below shows some of the posts in our trailer.


We’ll sand these down to achieve a very smooth finish, ready for the panels when they arrive in a couple of weeks.  We’ll update again soon with progress on the new interpretation.


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