January 2015 update

With a lot of time over the autumn spent improving chalk grassland at Wrotham Water farm we’re spending the first few weeks of the New Year in Petts Wood.

We’ve been widening paths and creating glades as part of a Forestry Commission grant. This work creates valuable marginal habitats for sun loving insects and wild flowers. 500m of path widening are being carried out with the main areas being on the path South West of the sundial towards the main bridleway as well as on the path West of the Edlmann stone. We’ve created glades, some of which are easily accessible from the path while others are hidden to benefit wildlife in the absense of people and dogs. As always we ask that people keep to paths to minimise disturbance to the woods.

The culvert close to the tunnel entrance to Birchwood road is being replaced. The old culvert was partially bloaked which meant water pooled on the upstream side in heavy rain; occasionally flooding the path.

Some of the paths are very muddy. The path widening does help dry paths out but the Edlmann woods especially are naturally wet and the results of our shoring up the paths with a top dressing of stone have been disappointing given the number of people walking along the paths. Stout waterproof footware is recommeded  so as not to continually expand the width of wet paths.

The only other news is that log sales have continued to rise, stretching us to full capacity and meaning we’ve had to turn away some new customers to ensure we have enough wood to see our existing customers through to the springtime.

That’s all for now. I’ll post every couple of weeks with what we’re up to.


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Ranger Petts Wood & Hawkswood Estate
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