Green Prints Club at Coopers

With Cooper’s Technology College being adjacent to the property is was a natural progression that we work together on green projects. We have been working in partnership with the school’s Green Prints Club for over two years now. The current project is assisting the teachers and children in the building of a ‘wildlife garden’ on school grounds; to be used both for lessons and relaxing in break time.

The wildlife garden project has been joint funded by a grant from the Chislehurst Society who are also keen to strengthen links between themselves, the school and the National Trust. An area of approximately 200 sq ft has been fenced off in the school grounds, with access through a single gate. The aims of the garden are to both provide a good platform for education and be a functional wildlife haven.

The National Trust has assisted in the development of the garden in recent weeks by constructing a raised flower bed, sowing bare areas with grass seed and installing a bespoke bench made from windblown oak from the ’87 storm.

Over the coming months we have made ourselves available for advice on the continuing improvement of the wildlife garden, and are providing informative wildlife walks around the estate for both teachers and children at Cooper’s.



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