Dog Mess

Dog Waste Sign

A frequent question asked of us when we’re out and about is ‘Why don’t the National Trust provide bins for dog waste’.

This issue has come to a head recently as we’ve removed a home made bin from the Gosshill Road entrance as it was overflowing having not being cleared. Dog waste counts as a hazardous material which neither Sam or I are qualified to remove.

Our feeling is that dog walkers should take responsibility for their own dog’s waste and take it home. While many council operated Country Parks do have dog bins our aim here at Petts Wood is preserve and protect this natural environment which is so close to London. The inclusion of dog bins to this site would be an eye sore which I feel would spoil the spirit of the place. Many people visit the site to escape the surrounding built up area, so facilitate this we put a lot of effort into managing a healthy woodland and keep potentially instrusive ‘furniture’ to a minimum.

We aim to keep the site to the highest standards with limited resources; bringing in contractors to empty dog bins on a regular basis is an expense which would divert resources away from our conservation efforts. Unfortunately too much of our time is already spent collecting litter to keep the property looking at it’s best, diverting us from our core work.

A benefit of the site being surrounded by suburbia is that there are many council operated litter bins in close proximity to the site where dog waste could be deposited if it is a long walk or a car ride to get home.

I appreciate that those asking for dog bins are the responsible dog owners who have the intention of removing their dog’s waste instead of just leaving is on a path to the detriment of other users of the site.

I hope this post answers some of the questions raised. Please comment below or e-mail if you with to discuss the matter further.


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