Ken Palmer. 3 April 1930 – 17 August 2012

We were sorry to hear of the death of Ken Palmer, a prominent local environmentalist and a member of the Petts Wood & Hawkswood National Trust Committee, of which he was Chairman for 6 years prior to his retirement in the year 2000. Ron Silvester of Great Thrift, Petts Wood has written a tribute to his considerable contribution to local life which appears in the April 2013 issue of the Gazette magazine of the Petts Wood & District Residents’ Association.

Briefly, Ken was a great ornithologist and amongst other things produced a booklet entitled The Birds of Petts Wood, 1963 – 1978. After the Great Storm of 1987, he personally conducted a detailed survey of the Petts Wood & Hawkwood area, and published a booklet entitled Counting The Cost, classifying tree damage and its effect on the woodlands and its wildlife.

He was a conservator for the Chislehurst Commons, on the research committee of the London Natural History Society, and for 32 years chairman of the Old Bexley Music Society, following which he became their life-long President.

Ken suffered a severe stroke in May 2007, the effects of which were devastating, and passed away in August 2012.

This is an abridged version of Ron’s more detailed tribute. If anybody would like a copy of the full account, please contact Michael Crompton at or the Petts Wood & District Residents’ Association at .

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