Path Improvements

Yesterday we started work on path improvements, following a busy winters work and some very wet conditions.  We are concentrating on the main loop we use to drive to the oak thinning area from our yard.  The Tuesday volunteers started the work yesterday and we hope to finish next week.



At this point we’ve aimed to remove the ruts and standing water, we’ll then let the dry weather firm things up.  Once conditions are very dry we will further level the worst areas and apply stone – this will help prevent problem areas when we start our winter work programme all over again in October.



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3 Responses to Path Improvements

  1. Joanna Friel says:

    Sam, two things. Chis Soc has just won £7k to promote story of William Willett and others. I thought the sundial area was looking superb when I was there with Newshopper photographer at the weekend.
    A society member wants to know about a memorial stone or waymarker in Gosshill Woods, are you the person who could help him. I can forward his e mail and images to you if could help?

    • Sam Pettman says:

      Hi Joanna,
      I heard about the £7k to promote the story of William Willett, great news. Is there any way NT can help? I’m pleased you think the sundial glade is looking good – it’s taken a few years of restoration work to get to the stage it is at now. Regarding Gosshill Wood, I don’t think I can help. It isn’t NT property and I’m not sure who the owner is or aware of any stones/waymarkers. Sam.

  2. Joanna says:

    I’m sure we can work together on the Lottery project, I’ll get my thinking cap on. All suggestions welcome! It’s about spreading the message, perhaps something for the youngsters when the clocks change in the autumn or spring next year…..

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