Wet & Muddy Paths

I’m sure regular visitors to the woods will have noticed that due to the inclement weather many of the paths around the woods are very wet and muddy.

We’re aware of this problem and aim to limited our vehicular use of paths to a circuit that allows us to quickly access most areas of the site from the main North / South Bridleway as well as extract timber from the area of oak South of the Willet Sundial. Nonetheless many of the paths are very much worse for wear, having not dried out over the wet summer.

To remedy this a grant application to the Linley Shore Foundation has kindly been approved. This will allow the purchase of a large quantity of crushed stone as well as the hire of a mini digger to scrape back the paths and create drainage channels before laying stone. This work should be carried out around with the help of our volunteers around March time after we’re finished the current task of oak thinning.

There may be some concern from visitors that this work could destroy the ‘feel’ of the woods. In response to this I would suggest that we will only be working on the very bad areas of path and bridleway, and after a short period of time the stone weathers to be barely noticable while providing a good surface (an example is the stone put down last year on the steep hill coming up from the bridge on the East / West path throught the upper heather plot towards the oak thinning areas).

Until March a pair of wellies might be a good idea.


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