Path Widening

You may have noticed that in the past couple of weeks we have been carrying out path widening work here at Petts Wood. Some work was carried out in the spring time earlier this year to allow better vehicular access to that area in response to the fires that were a problem at that time. 

This path widening work has been continued in the past couple of weeks with the help of our volunteers; this time widening the path that runs from the Willett memorial to the main North/South bridleway at the edge of Soldiering Field. The primary benefits to walkers should be a drier surface clear of vegetation on this well used path.

Wider paths through the woods are a feature of good woodland managment, as more light is let in to the woodland margin so ground flora such as sun loving wildflowers are encouraged and a greater diversity of habitat is achieved which is beneficial for butterflies especially and other insects and small mammals. Wider paths and rides benefit birds of prey and bats.

The long term plan is to manage some rides in the woods to develop the graduation from path to larger trees, so called woodland edge habitat.


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