Fly Tipping

Over the last fortnight we have had a spate of fly tipping on or near the estate at Petts Wood and Hawkwood. Specifically on Botany Bay Lane, which is a Public Byway, leading down to the farmyard and tenanted properties from Coopers School. There have been four seperate incidents thus far. Items dumped have included what appears to be items from a house or garden clearances as well as green grocer’s or market traders waste.

Although one incident has occured at night we believe that at least three have taken place during the day; therefore we would appreciate any assistance from visitors to the estate. If you see fly tipping occuring please contact us on 01689 826 393.

As these incidents have occured on a public byway the council have accepted responsibility for clearing the fly tip. We are working hard in conjunction with the council to get the mess cleared as quickly as possible. Direct reports of fly tipping in this location to the council may help to achieve prompt clearance.

In addition to dealing with this problem we have been continuing to treat sycamore regrowth in Pond Wood, working our way around the estate in an effort to keep the paths open in this particularly wet summer and processing firewood in preparation for this autumn.


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