Stump Treatment in Pond Wood

During an earlier post we highlighted our removal of all sycamore trees from our ancient Pond Wood on the Hawkwood estate.  During the last week we have begun the process of preventing the regrowth from the sycamore stumps.

The process invloves removing any coppice regrowth, removing a slice from the top of the stump with a chainsaw, then applying herbicide directly to the the freshly cut wood.  The product we use is a translocated herbicide, meaning it is drawn doen in to the root system of the tree.  Any regrowth should slow down and stop over the next few weeks.

This is a fairly labour intensive job, but one that we must complete to secure the clearance work completed in the winter.  The picture below shows one of the freshly painted stumps.  We will also be tackling soon any sycamore seedlings that are starting to grow in the newly created open areas – we will most likely just pull these out by hand and dispose of them.

We have also just started the planning process for the next block of sycamore removal in Pond Wood, which will start this autumn.  Most of the work will be completed by a contractor and will invlove felling all sycamore trees to the south and east of the pond.



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