Welcome to our new blog for the Petts Wood and Hawkwood estate!  Through this blog we will list upcoming events, highlight interesting activities and wildlife and keep you up to date with what the ranger team and volunteers are up to.

Petts Wood and Hawkwood is a cracking bit of countryside in south-east London that we hope you will visit and experience.  We have extensive areas of peaceful woodland for you to enjoy, and a working farm – a real rural feel in the Bromley suburbs.

If you would like to get in touch or contribute to the blog, please comment below or email us at PettsWood@nationaltrust.org.uk


About Petts Wood Rangers Team

We are the rangers team who look after the beautiful Petts Wood and Hawkwood estate.
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7 Responses to Welcome

  1. A&K says:

    Dear Petts Wood NT,

    We are regular visitors to your estate. We’d love to know more details about what you are doing on the farm right now.

  2. richardyoung85 says:

    Hi A&K

    Thanks for you interest.

    Our farm is run by a tenant farmer; who farms mainly sheep with some cattle. Our role on the farm extends to maintaining the hedges, paths and woodlands to support the second generation tenant farmer.

    Lambing season is almost upon us, which is one of the busiest times of the year with supervision for the pregnant ewes often required around the clock. Keep your eyes peeled for new lambs in the fields!

    We will be putting up a more detailed post on the farm and it’s activities over the next couple of weeks.



  3. david gloin says:

    Petts Wood Methodist Church had a great afternoon walk through the woods, third year we have done this. About 35 walked all ages and had a great time. Thanks for all you do.

  4. Bryan Jones says:

    I’d be interested to know whether there have been any recent sightings of deer in the wood. Last year I saw deer on two occasions, one was a fully antlered stag and the other a doe, Since then, although I walk and run in the woods frequently I have not seen any more. When I mentioned the sightings to Sam Pettman he told me that he hadn’t seen any deer but had been shown photographs of one. H was of the opinion that the deer had followed the railway line from further out, possibly Badgers Mount.

    • Sam Pettman says:

      Hello Bryan,
      Thanks for getting in touch. In August and September of last year we had many sightings reported, but none since then. When was your last sighting?

      The railway option remains a valid one – neighbours of ours close to the underpass have seen deer on the railway embankments – whether moving along them or simply crossing we’re unsure. However there have also been sightings in Scadbury Park, so perhaps they are simply moving between areas of woodland.

      • Bryan Jones says:

        Sam, thanks for your reply,I certainly haven’t seen any deer as recently as last September, and never in Scadbury although I run in there fairly frequently. However, I will ‘keep my eyes out’ and report any sightings.
        Incidentally, do you have any plans to do anything about two very muddy places in the woods? One quite near the railway bridge where the undergrowth either side of the path is getting badly trodden down by walkers attempting to avoid the mud,and the other is on the path leading from the Kydbrook up to the railway line, through the field which now has excellent hedges either side of the path..
        Kindest regards.. B.

      • Sam Pettman says:

        I would certainly appreciate reports of any future sightings. Regarding muddy areas – we have a couple of projects lined up this year to carry out footpath improvements at the worst spots. Hopefully they will go ahead, but they are dependant on funding coming through. The stretch by the Kyd Brook is trickier, purely because it sits directly on clay. It is something I have discussed with Bromley Council (who are responsible for the footpath) and plan on following up.
        Thanks, Sam.

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